PTI Operations
11362 S. Airfield Road
Swanton, OH 43558 USA

+1 419 720-0355

Injection Molding

SIPA Xform 350PTI Operations is capable of producing a variety of injection-molded parts utilizing a variety of resins, colors and barriers. Our 4 to 48 cavity injection presses enable highly repeatable, reliable performance.We also have numerous molds which can be used to solve your rapid prototyping needs.

We offer a diverse range of preform services, including lightweighting, development and prototyping. Others include:

  • Production quantities. Capable of highly technical/challenging preform production.
  • Resin trials. Daily/weekly studies, multiple materials, small run volumes.
  • Overflow volumes . We run your molds to relieve supply stress and improve use of machine assets. We can deliver 10 to 20 million preforms per year via predictable monthly draws.
  • Emergency runs. Has something unforeseen happened and you need assistance with emergency supply to fill your preform pipeline? We can make your problems disappear.

Our preform tools include:

Preform Drawing #  Neck Finish Weight
SD-3526 28mm -400 34.6 gram
SD-3531 28mm -400 27.6 gram
SD-3630 28mm -400 39.0 gram
SD-3973-A 28mm -400 25.2 gram
  28mm -400 40.4 gram
  28mm -400 42.2 gram